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The contract law becomes more and more complex due to appearance of new forms of business partnerships whose essence is rather difficult to reflect on paper for a lawyer. Often, the parties to an agreement may look on the same provisions in different ways, that is why it is important that all clauses of the agreement are interpreted by the parties in the same way. This helps avoid long-time disputes and loss of trust in a business partner in the future. Thanks to many years of experience, the experts of I-Law may provide for all possibilities of the best protection of the principal’s interests.

The contract law services of the Swiss law firm I-Law include the following: 

  • development and drafting of agreements and contracts of all types;
    • due diligence of agreements and assessment of contractual risks;
    • preparation and legal support of transactions;
    • revision of texts of agreements;
    • building and optimization of contractual schemes;
    • participation in negotiations for performance and execution of agreement;
    • assistance in performance of contractual obligations;
    • representation of clients in Swiss arbitration courts.